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Location Pyrgos, on the island of Tinos
Exhibits Secular, ecclesiastical, funerary implements of marble, models, tools for working the marble

Museum of Marble Crafts

The Museum of Marble Crafts is located in Pyrgos, on the island of Tinos, a major art centre that has produced some of the most important Greek artists, including the sculptors Yannoulis Halepas and Dimitrios Filippotis. It offers a unique presentation of the technology of marble, a material that has played a prominent role in Greek architecture and art from antiquity to our own day.

Secular, ecclesiastical, funerary and every-day implements of marble, models, tools for working the marble, sketches of old marble carvings by master craftsmen, mechanical equipment and rich archival material, comprise the permanent exhibition of the Museum, which focuses on pre-industrial and proto-industrial Tinos. Visitors have the opportunity to study the social and economic context in which the local workshops developed.

Pyrgos, Panormos Tinou. Tel. No. 22830 31290. Summer opening hours: 10:00-18:00, Winter opening hours 10:00-17:00 (daily except Tuesdays).

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